Could flexible, mobile working benefit your business?

October 16, 2013

Does your business require a more mobile and flexible approach when it comes to communication? Mobile working could be the way forwards. In today’s fast-paced, global world of business, the standard – and static – business way of working cannot keep up.

Conventional businesses are increasingly finding that they need to adapt to changing technologies to stay ahead and flexible, mobile working is the ideal solution; communication is no longer simply required from landlines or standard emails at an office desk. It is increasingly online, mobile and remote. Mobile working allows businesses and employees to stay connected wherever they are, such as remote workers or telecommuters, which in turn brings bigger opportunities for productivity, efficiency and customer service – as well as employee experience.

Uno telephony offers all this and more. Communications should benefit businesses – not hold them back. Uno moves away from the traditional approach of static communication to integrate a flexible communication network into the day-to-day running of a business; being able to use the internet, mobiles, PCs and tablets in and away from the office allows a business – and its employees – to adapt and move to wherever it needs to be.

Employees who are away from the office can easily access work files, keep in touch, take calls and even be part of meetings. Key data and files are also safe as they are stored away from the office – and away from any potential fire and theft hazards, or simply any technological breakdowns that can occur – and Uno services are always available.

We can show you how we can take your business forward with better, flexible communications that can be accessed wherever you are. Mobile working lets you stay connected.

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