Links of London Hosted Telephony Case Study

July 11, 2013

Links of London, the renowned fashion jewellers, has seen a rapid expansion in their business over the last few years and they needed a new and advanced hosted phone system to accommodate their growth. The move to a new head office in the autumn of 2010 presented an opportunity to consider a new approach to their telephony. Key factors to consider included:

  • Speed of implementation – could a new phone system be installed and be operational by the live date for the new Links of London head office?
  • Could the new phone system deliver the features and facilities that would be required?
  • Costs – what would the initial capital costs, and the on-going running, support and upgrade costs be?
  • How scalable would any new system be? Could it cost effectively support the addition of new users and facilities – as well as the growth of the business over the next few years?
  • Would it be possible to simplify the infrastructure required, and lower running costs by integrating voice and data services over a single network?

Links decided that a hosted ip telephony phone service would meet their key criteria, and after assessing alternatives, they selected Vivo Exchange, the hosted VoIP service, for its ease of use, proven technology, and commercial flexibility.

The result:

  • The hosted approach kept capital expenditure to a minimum, and eliminated the need for annual support, maintenance and upgrade charges typically associated with a conventional phone system
  • The hosted telephony service delivers the facilities needs, as well as a wide range of additional facilities
  • A web portal allows administration staff to make changes when they are required, without the involvement of the service provider
  • The service is highly scalable – the initial configuration has been easily expanded – and at short notice

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