Sniffing out data roaming price drops

August 5, 2014

Vivo has been on the trail of all the latest telephony news and he sniffed out something you might like to know… Data roaming prices are falling, which is great news for business!

If you have ever fallen into the trap of seeing extra charges when using the internet on your smartphone to keep on with business whilst on holiday, these new rules, which come in force from today, signal a huge drop in data roaming prices.

What’s more, these price caps – cut from 45 euro cents (36p) per megabyte (before VAT) to 20 euro cents (16p) – come at just the right time as the holiday season is well underway and the cuts will make a big difference. Although going on holiday is a time to get away from it all and relax, many of us will inevitably check our business emails and surf the net, but now, we don’t need to pay a fortune to do so! And there’s more as European leaders want to eventually eliminate these fees entirely (although the approval of all EU governments is needed for this) and make the cost of a call or downloading internet data in another EU country the same as it would be at home.

You’ll also notice that call and text message fees are significantly lower too so you can call and text work without worrying about the cost. Your calls fall from 24 Euro cents per minute to 19 cents, and sending a text (excluding picture texts) is down from eight Euro cents to six cents. Receiving calls will be cheaper too; down from seven Euro cents a minute to five Euro cents.

Although this is great news for phone users everywhere, we still need to be wary when travelling, as phone companies can still alter how they offer their deals and there is already an infrastructure from operators across different European countries that can affect how additional charges are made.

In the meantime, look out for more top telephony news from your favourite hound!