Vivo’s Halloween Treat: The best apps

October 15, 2014

Boo! It’s that time of year again and I’m wagging my tail at the prospect of some Halloween trick or treating. I thought I’d bring some spooky spirits into the Vivo kennel with a few of my own treats which will be great for boosting your productivity not only over Halloween, but all year round! So, I’ve been out and about rounding up all the best apps for your working day – and none of them are too scary, promise…




best apps pushbullet

Image sourced from: Google Play


This handy app can make sure you never forget anything – well, almost. It syncs with your computer and makes all your phone notifications appear on-screen too. It can even send your files between devices, so you can get hold of them straightaway; so no more leaving that all-important document out of reach on your work computer.

Available on: iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox





best apps evernote

Image sourced from: evernote


This one is a multitasking wizard. Your can write notes, to-do lists, and reminders which you can then sync across all your devices. It’s perfect for taking notes during meetings – so no more illegible scribbles to decipher!

Available on: Available on: iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia


The Email Game


best apps email game

Image sourced from:


Hundreds of emails to go through? Let’s make the process more fun. With the Email Game Chrome extension, you can earn points by reducing your unread messages, helping to give you a bit of motivation on which to answer now and which to look at later. And you can get the whole office involved with the leaderboards so you can see who’s best at managing their inbox. Who said emails weren’t good fun?

Available on: Chrome




best apps mailtracker

Image sourced from: mailtrackerapp


We all know that person who doesn’t read their emails. Well, now you can keep track of whether they’ve opened your message or not with Mailtracker. This is one of the best apps to give you notifications of when your email gets read so you know when you need to follow up – or when to tell them to look in their inbox!

Available on: iOS


And my bonus Halloween app…

Pumpkin Creation


best apps pumpkin creator


Need to some ideas for your pumpkin carving this year? Pumpkin Creation is a great little app where you can dress up your virtual pumpkin in all sorts. You can even share your scariest creations on Facebook… great for getting everyone into the Halloween spirit!

Available on: iOS


So, how do you like my best apps, aren’t they a treat? Hopefully there won’t be any tricks in store for you this year…