Why Hosted Telephony is the Way Forward in Business

September 20, 2013

If you’re thinking of adopting a new business phone system, think Uno Telephony. In today’s modern business world, there is a need for a more mobile and flexible approach so that communication is seamless, easy to use and cost effective.

Conventional telephony is no longer enough for many modern businesses. It lacks flexibility, and it doesn’t integrate easily with mobile and internet for fast moving communications. There is also the matter of cost; conventional telephony comes with costly line rental, as there is the need to install and rent a number of physical lines at your peak, and pay for them over a fixed term contract.

But now, there are other options for business communications. You no longer need to just put up with the problems of conventional telephone systems. Uno Telephony replaces the bundles of physical lines with a business phone system that is simple to use, easy to install and that works on the move or in the office. There are no set up costs, just a simple, monthly charge per user. The need for large servers or systems is eradicated – and, because it is a hosted telephony service (hosted remotely), there is very little IT support required, or training to administer.

The Uno Telephony business phone system operates as hosted telephony that is off site in a remote location and managed by the service provider. Equipment at the customer site is limited to the phones themselves, a LAN switch and broadband routers. Communication becomes seamless; one simple interface is used for every aspect – including multiple business locations – for ease of use and flexibility.

Hosted telephony can benefit your business by bringing your communications up to date while saving you money.


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