How to improve internet speed

October 3, 2013

Nowadays, we all want more internet speed, information in an instant, and access to our services wherever we are. Demand for higher speeds and greater reliability is increasing in order to support internet access, voice over IP, cloud based services, remote working, the interconnection of multiple sites and other applications.

Traditionally, high internet speed access meant high cost and mystifying technology. This often puts services out of the reach of many businesses who couldn’t justify the cost or lacked the expertise to implement and run such services.

However, there has been something of a quiet revolution over the last few years; prices have fallen steadily and this, combined with rapid technology changes, has meant a raft of new services are now available. Data services are faster, more reliable and more cost effective than ever before.

The new generation of high speed data services are easy to implement for all types and size of businesses. They are no longer the preserve of large organisations with dedicated IT or Telcoms departments and specialists.

Rapid rollout of fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) means users’ broadband internet speeds have increased dramatically – a quick check on your postcode will tell if fibre to your location is available or when it may become available.

In addition a hybrid technology, Ethernet over first mile (EFM), which user multiple copper cable pairs for the last mile delivery to the customer premises, offers high reliability and guaranteed upload and download speeds. This is at a price point significantly below full fibre services.

Finally, the cost of fibre connectivity continues to fall making it a feasible option for users looking for high speeds and the highest levels of reliability. These are at price points not feasible even two or three years ago.

So, if you’re struggling along with broadband, suffering from reliability issues or just ready to upgrade to a technology that supports rather than hinders your business, now may be the time to re-visit what services are available at your doorstep.


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