Our Speech Analytics Brochure

November 12, 2012

Vivo’s Speech Analytics brochure highlights all you need to know about speech analytics and how it can help improve your business.

This unique software application can automatically analyse recorded calls by monitoring for predetermined phrases, keywords and dialogue pairs between agents and customers. The software can also assess language clarity, pace and comprehensibility with an additional unique feature – any analysis can be done live, which means that the results are visible to both agents and team leaders during calls. If something is missed whilst a call is taking place, it can be flagged up and corrected during the call. In one case study, the agents’ compliance to their script improved from 29% to an impressive 82% in just four weeks.

Take a look at our new brochure for more information; you can access it here and you can download it now, or contact us today and we’ll send you one in the post. This guide contains everything you need to know about Vivo speech analytics, including information on key features of speech analytics such as live mode, which allows fully automated speech analysis in real time and ‘multiple searches’ that can search for predetermined phrases, words or dialogue and assess stress levels, speech ratio and cross talk. Speech analytics is so easy to implement too; minimal training is required, with additional cost savings in staff time whilst achieving reliable and objective results.

Want to know more? Choose how you want to receive your brochure and open your business to new possibilities with this revolutionary new system for call centres or any organisation that requires efficient – and significantly improved – results in how their calls are handled by their staff.