Make a home office the Vivo way

August 20, 2014

Do you work from home, or are you thinking of setting up a home office for you business? Then I have some top Vivo tips for you. Follow my guide to get your paws ahead of the game when it comes to making the most of your home office.

1) Get organised


It’s all about the planning. Instead of just using the kitchen table or a corner in the living room, make a detailed list of your must-haves. What do you need for your work? A desk, computer or laptop, a work-space, filing cabinets… make your wish list and stick to it.

This will give you a good idea of how much space you need, and where in your house you’ll be able to fit things in. Ideally you’ll need a dedicated space – how about that spare room? Or, if you’re seeing clients at home, it’s often worth having a room nearer the front door.

2) Invest in the right home office equipment


You need to have all the right equipment before you get started. It’s no good trying to do business with slow internet, no printer, and an outdated laptop. Make sure you’re using pedigree equipment, such as reliable broadband to keep your business connected at all times. There’s no point splashing out on the interior decor if you haven’t got all these essentials worked out.

3) Sort your phone line



Using your existing phone line for your business and home life, though saving you money, could end up being more trouble than it’s worth. You don’t want customers to be confused when they hear your home voicemail message, and equally you don’t want your business calls being answered by family members or even children – a real danger when you’re sharing phone lines!

One of the best options is to connect your home office with a VoIP phone line to operate separately over your internet connection. Of course, Vivo can lend a paw to help you set this up. This not only gives you a dedicated business line, but also lets you add in useful features such as conference calling, hold functions, and more. This keeps your business professional, and clients often won’t even be able to sniff out that you’re working from home.

4) Timing


Once you’re all set up it’s time to think about how you work. My top tip would be to try and keep normal working hours as much as possible. Not only will this help clients to reach you according to their timetable, but it’ll also help you to make sure your work life isn’t taking over your home life. At the end of the day make sure you close the office door and switch off!

And finally, make sure you’ve given your four-legged friends some thought! It can get lonely working from home, so give your dog a home in your office – perhaps a nice comfy bed in the corner?

If you’d like to chat about how Vivo can help you set up your home office with great internet and VoIP services, then give the dog a phone today.


Setting up a home office? Talk to Vivo for your phone and internet needs.