Efficient solutions for mobile working with UC Office

October 30, 2013

Are you benefiting from mobile working? Mobile technology is one of the biggest advancements we have experienced in recent times; it has changed our everyday lives dramatically, and it’s having a big impact on our business environment too. But why is mobile working such a growing trend in the UK?

The answer lies in the potential cost savings, efficiency and productivity gains of mobile technology. Workers can be productive whilst on the move; they can keep in constant contact with their office, and files and documents can be accessed wherever they happen to be working. Nowadays, employees don’t need to be tied to a desktop or even a laptop; they can work on a range of other devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Using high speed mobile connectivity also means workers can rely on faster data transfers, married to reliable networks and greater handset functionality. Other benefits of mobile working include improved customer service through rapid response to enquires and other communications, and the fact that there is less need for costly, energy and space consuming desktop PCs. In the longer term, this trend could even eliminate the need for larger offices. Supporting field based staff and home working has also become easier and more cost effective than ever before.

If you are considering mobile working for your business, choosing the right technology is essential for successful savings and productive results. UC Office is designed to make mobile working an efficient reality for your business, with all the features you need, from your phone, to video calls, conferencing and web sharing available on mobile, tablet and PC.


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