Vivo’s money saving technology tips

September 23, 2014

I love giving you money saving tips to help you make the most of your business communications. So, today I’m focusing on some bark-worthy bits of technology and how you can use the right tools to cut costs while really boosting your business. They don’t call me a business’s best friend for nothing! It’s time for Vivo’s money saving tips…

How’s your broadband?

money saving tips

If it’s not high speed, you might be falling behind. It’s now essential for businesses to be connected at all times, especially as online sales and access to markets overseas both become business essentials. The government has announced that it aims to cover 95% of the country with super fast broadband by 2017 – which is great news, especially for businesses based in more remote areas.

Faster internet can boost profits through increased sales and reduced overheads, as well as helping businesses to run more smoothly every day. If you’re looking for better broadband service, then why not give Vivo a try? We have a range of internet packages including super fast fibre optic broadband to keep you connected at all times.

Business in the Cloud


Cloud technology services, such as Uno Office from Vivo, are helping many businesses save money while still offering the best services. The minimal up front costs make cloud technology a flexible option, and collaboration is much easier across offices or even countries. Popular document and data services such as Dropbox, as well as project management tools like Basecamp, order management systems, and disaster recovery functions all give businesses powerful tools to help them boost performance and compete with the top dogs.

Keep it mobile


Mobile apps perhaps aren’t the first things you’d think of when it comes to boosting business productivity and cutting costs, but given the number of low cost or even free apps out there, it’s not surprising they’re becoming more influential on businesses. From improving lead generation and winning new business to creating streamlined calendars or efficient to-do lists, mobile apps are big timesavers when it comes to lots of essential tasks.

So, are you making the most of my money saving tips? It’s time to get your paws on the latest technology to make sure your business is doing the best it can to boost productivity and performance.

Vivo can help boost your business communications with the right technology – give us a call today.