Telecommuting: The benefits of mobile working for staff and employers

November 12, 2013

The way people work is changing – but mobile working could improve our working lives even further. Our work environments are no longer simply in one place and we are used to commuting further for our business commitments. Where we work – and how we work – is becoming more varied as modern technology offers a range of options to meet these changing work patterns. Services to support mobile working can be the answer to many common problems that employers encounter; the latest services allow seamless communications wherever employees are working, whether at home, in the office or out and about.

Recent figures show that, since 2005, telecommuting has grown by 73 % across all areas. In terms of the benefits of mobile and flexible working, employers who gave their employees two telecommuting days per week, on average saw a 20% increase in productivity, a 15% saving on real estate costs, and a 7% reduction in absenteeism.*

A flexible approach to how we work can reduce sick days and lost work time. With regards to cost savings, advantages arise not just through the reduction of office space needed, but also through commute costs, as travel budgets can be significantly reduced with services such as video conferencing, desktop sharing, instant messaging and audio conferencing. Staff are no longer tied to a PC or an office landline – they can take part in meetings and respond in an instant, wherever they happen to be.

Mobile working can fit and adapt to what a business needs in other ways too; when it comes to finding new employees, expanding your search to include telecommuters ensures that your pool of possible talented candidates is not restricted by local geography.

If you think your business could benefit from more efficient telecommuting, think of Uno Telephony. Our hosted phone service facilitates seamless work communication by using one simple interface from desk phones, PCs, mobiles or tablets. It integrates different locations to allow for easy to use, flexible and cost effective communication. Telecommuting has never been easier to adopt and a hosted phone service such as Uno adapts with your changing business needs and your budget.

*According a new study by the US-based Telework Research Network (TRN).



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