Great telecoms offers and more, coming soon from Vivo…

June 19, 2014

The summer is on the way, and we’re bringing you even more sunshine with something brand new from Vivo – though we’re not giving away too much just yet. You’ll have to keep your ear to the ground to hear what we’re up to.

We can tell you that there might be a certain new Vivo face popping up soon… but for the moment we’ll stick to sniffing out the best telecoms deals. We’ll also be launching some great new telecoms offers this summer so keep an ear out for big things coming soon.

Vivo is here and ready to help if you’re looking to upgrade your telecoms this summer, so make sure to drop us a line. We’re man’s best friend when it comes to independent advice on your business telecoms.

Look out for great telecoms offers and even more coming soon.