The future of working from home

October 7, 2014

Are you working from home? Flexible working is becoming easier and more accessible with the latest technology, and it’s set to become an even bigger part of our daily working lives. Today I’m going to sniff out how the future of home working could develop… and what this means for us all!

The number of us working from home is growing, and fast – nearly 4.5 million of us regularly work from our own homes, making up almost 15% of the UK’s working population. This is the highest rate of home working ever recorded, and the figures are only moving in one direction… up!

While there’s always going to be a place for the central office to meet colleagues and clients – an irreplaceable part of working life – many businesses are becoming more friendly towards flexible working. Not only does it help to cut down on business’ carbon footprint by reducing the number of employees commuting, but it also means offices can be smaller and more adaptable – fewer employees in the office means less office space is needed and fewer overheads. I’m one green dog when it comes to the environment so can see why this is such a good idea!


Why is home working growing, and what does the future hold?


working from home


It’s all about the technology. Gone are the days of dial-up, and now many of us benefit from speedy home broadband to keep us connected – perfect for business use as well. Not only that, but the online tools available from the comfort of our own homes make it easier to keep in touch. Just think about the cloud, Skype, facetime, instant messaging, file sharing, project management tools, Google Drive… all of these can be used to connect seamlessly with those in the office, as well as clients and those travelling abroad on business. There’s now no excuse to be out of the loop, even if you’re out of the office.

Some people are even seeing the future in terms of the ‘office pod’ – this futuristic development could soon be commonplace in the back garden! Think fully connected home office, but outside in your own little bubble – like a high-tech garden workroom, separate from all the hustle and bustle of the main house. This overcomes one of the main problems encountered by home workers, and keeps your home and work nicely divided. I love futuristic ideas like this, but I think at the moment we’re more thinking about how to stay connected with those in the office – such as mobile office working using Uno, one of my favourite tools on offer from Vivo. But who knows what will happen in the future!

So, the technology we have today is definitely moving in the right direction to make our working lives more flexible. This will not only to make business life easier but also to make sure we’ve got a good work-life balance as well. I think we need to keep looking out for the next big thing in mobile working – who knows, commuting might become a thing of the past!

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