The UK’s top business cities

September 16, 2014

I’m your dog in the know, and this week I’m here with the UK’s top business cities and some insider tips on the best places to do business in the UK. We know that the economy is starting to pick up for many businesses, especially as more and more take advantage of the different technologies available to help them boost their performance. But where in the country are businesses winning the most?

Experian have recently released a report which shows the UK towns and cities which provide the best environment for business success. They took a whole pawful of things into account, like the number of start ups, the rate of insolvencies, the level of financial health, and turnover growth year on year. Let’s take a look at how a few UK towns fared…

Northampton in the East Midlands was crowned the best performing city in the UK, scoring top marks across all the different categories. Northamptonshire was also named the most enterprising place in Britain in 2012 showing the real business strength of the region. Whether you’re a start up or an established company, Northampton looks like a great place to do business.

Aberdeen was the only Scottish entrant into the top 20, with no entries from Wales or Northern Ireland at all. Perhaps unsurprisingly, towns in the south of England were top of the pack, accounting for 65% of the best performing cities – though York and Crewe were in there to represent the North.

You’d think central London would be top of the list, and although it was strong, it was outperformed by suburban areas such as Southall, Croydon, Kingston-upon-Thames, and Sutton. However in terms of start ups, East, South East, and East Central London were all strong contenders. East London had the highest rate of start-ups in the country with 24.5% of firms having started in the past couple of years, a figure that was more than twice the national average of 11.6%.

Have a read here to see all the details on the UK’s top business cities – it’s looking up for UK businesses, which is exactly what this dog likes to hear. Keep your nose to the ground for more insider knowledge soon from your dog in the know…

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