Vivo in the telecoms news!

April 17, 2012

We recently appeared in our local Coventry Evening Telegraph as a local feature story due to our association with a rapidly expanding Warwickshire software firm when their decision to go local for their business telecoms paid off!

Redware, a leading provider of on-line learning, recently moved from Harbury to Leamington and a range of national telephone companies tried to catch their attention – but they have a policy of looking to good, local businesses. After meeting with us and seeing what we could do for them, they choose Vivo – a decision that has already helped them expand to 30 staff – with nine more positions waiting to be filled.

Andre Wigley, commercial director of Redware, said that despite being involved in cutting-edge technology, the company chose its suppliers on the oldest criteria of all…

‘It was down to customer service. We always believe in using local suppliers where possible and Vivo was the first to respond. They have offered brilliant levels of service. Yet, that would not be enough on its own… Because we have grown so quickly, it could have easily put real pressure on our communications system, but Vivo has been able to expand it every time we have added a new member of staff.’

‘We have people working in the field, but as far as the outside world is concerned, they are calling from the office which added flexibility.’

Redware, which also specialises in the delivery of smart phone apps, designs and sells its products to a range of clients including Barclays, Jaguar Land Rover and Universal Music.

As a business, they are the perfect showcase for the flexibility of our hosted phone service – and their growth has certainly allowed us to prove our claims as a hosted service simply means there is no need for a phone system on the customers’ site, and therefore no expensive installation or ongoing maintenance charges. Additional phones plug into their office network when needed. The company also brings in additional temporary staff to work on several projects, so they need to be able to expand the system at short notice.

We operate across the UK and supply advanced services to every size of company but our partnership with Redware proves that face-to-face meetings and traditional customer service always wins the day! Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business.